Sunday, March 30, 2014


Here's how to learn about the ICE HALODon't Give Up!!!

If you've had a dream as a kid and it got put on the back burner of your life, now your kids are grown, it's time to consider what your inner critic tells you "is ridiculous"......

Whatever that dream was, there's still a thread to the fabric of it that could be expressed through your life with the wisdom and experience you've accumulated.

I wanted to be an Olympic Gold Winning figure skater.  I lived 15 minutes from an ice rink and had a small framed body that was very flexible.  All the perfect conditions coupled with the passion of a child's dream of doing it.

For whatever reason and it doesn't any longer matter, my parents did not nurture that dream and insisted I learn to type and play the violin.  In those days, and with the discipline parents utilized, I obeyed.

With no further details necessary of where that road took me (other stories for another time) - I have decided to figure skate.  I'm now at the age where I have a shot at competing in championships for older people.  I don't want to do it just for a hobby, I want the thrill of competition.  I want to be an actual ATHLETE!  I want to FEEL like an athlete that is in actual 'training', and having always been an artist/musician, the idea of this thrills me.

I had my first group skating lesson last Friday and made new friends who all were doing this for awhile and were all older than me!  They skated well, some REALLY well!  Their encouragement, support and friendliness almost made me cry it touched me so deeply.  They even invited me to lunch.  I declined lunch to stay and skate on the ice that they just refinished - for I had never seen a surface so buttery smooth and beautiful and I wanted to practice what I just learned.  It was thrilling.

I learned to go off the toe edge of the blade and take two steps on my toes from a forward gliding motion - I'm sure there's some technical name for this.  I took a step and the next thing I knew the back of my head flew down and impacted the ice in less than an instant. People came up to me and asked if I was alright, and stunned and sick at my stomach, I honestly didn't know if I WAS alright, I couldn't move.  They helped me up, got me an ice pack and escorted me over to sit down with a brain that felt like it was bleeding in my cranium!

As I was just fit for HARLICK ICE SKATES from the masters in San Carlos that make the skates for the actual champions, I was grateful that I hadn't just gotten my new skates and was still in my $35 pair from Big 5, because I am going to have to forfeit skating for a couple of weeks until this concussion heals fully.

THE GOOD NEWS is....Phil from Harlick recommended an ICE HALO, to protect against any further head injuries.  An ICE HALO is an amazing's fashionable head gear that protects the gray matter without having to wear a helmet. 

The ICE HALO is made in Canada and comes in an assortment of styles, and both men/women, boys/girls can have their heads protected when performing their ice routines, whether you're just starting out or already an accomplished skater.  We cannot predict when we will fall or how we will land, but if you're pushing yourself to get better and better and do more challenging moves, the chance of knocking the noodle is ever present.  The Ice Halo will remove the fear of another fall, because honestly, this fear started to take root, after all, this was my FIRST time trying something other than going backwards or forwards!  My intention is to PUSH THE ENVELOPE and I want to live long enough and remain as stable minded as I currently am to be on some podium, somewhere, sometime to accept my gold medal! 

More good news is, my experience with this fall and discovery of the ICE HALO may help others who are skating and unaware of this vital protection.  No, I'm not a sales rep for this company, but will tell any and all people about the ICE HALO before they rent their skates and go for a jaunt around the rink!  Here are the links for y'all to check out...the people are great, the service is great, the products are EXCELLENT!   
So follow your dreams with safety and reckless abandon!!!!!